black yelow red !

more digital artwork

playing with the light

just simple exposure technique

artwork artwork artwork

3 different parts. paint, aerosol, and marker on wood

more artwork detail


weird, so fakin weird

digital artwork, series of 4


im tryin to playmore with colors. the sketch was actually made during our meeting with boring client.

darbotz x wormo toter

digital collaboration with my friend aram from toter

before and after

my old piece in bandung


cumi on shelf closer look

in my bedroom

pinky winky

in the next day with sun7, cha, aram, and kims made some small piece

splash kemang

latlas and sun7 from france came to town. i had a chance to meet them. with toter, kims, cha, yoga we painted together. more photos from their visit can be seen here


medium rare exhibition

first time exhibition with toter, rangerbastards, tutu, bizarre, mase, morden, artcoholic, endjoy division, opel, joy, the slyndicates, and sneakers exhibition from footurama. the crowd was wild, about 5000 people came.

more photos here , here , and here


cruisin with my gf

ogam's bro rock on !

a sticker for a friend of mine, rock on !


a rough design for a friend of mine vespa. wonder if its going to happen

jeruk purut

painted together with very from japan, toter, aram, mase. i get bored with all aerosol and paint issues, im using aerosol to make this piece, but he is holding a brush. you got my point, right ?


i always like gorilla or kingkong, they are big, rough, and hairy. so one day i found some ancient gorilla images and collab it with my cumi. this is the image


some simple sketches



some old photos from bandung

stickers in bali

blackbook sketch

an artwork for my friend's blackbook, grav from mase

artwork exchange

eric orr, artist from newyork asked me to exchange some was a real pleasure to do something with him.