details of sneakers i did for sneakerpimps jakarta

nike terminator low

nike air force one

full flicks

sneakerpimps jakarta production

toter,ones, tutu, the rats, morden, graver, kims, the slyndicates, ark, darbotz

PI session with ewok

older, pope, nsane, ewok, morden, kims, toter, darbotz, graver

thks to aram & shady for the photos


sunday evening painting with EWOK and peeps

ewok for sure is the man ! respect !


SNEAKERPIMPS jakarta photos !

ah what a great event !
the best yet in 2006 !
thanks to to whatnot especially adi to bring them here !

some photos that i got

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ce ka ma er foz wan !

af1 for sneakerpimps


custom nike terminator low

sneakpeak of my very first custom shoes!


SNEAKERPIMPS jakarta !!!

be sure to come peeps !
ill be doin live painting, and show some custom shoes

this is some article from footurama written by bergas

Sneaker and street art culture has been the cool buzz in Hellkarta for this past year or so, thanks to the massive success of last year MEDIUMRARE joint brewed by WhatNot, TembokBomber, and your own FOOTURAMA. And to put a big strawberry and fat whipped cream on top of this cake, this year these crazy kidz will serve you their latest madness with SNEAKER PIMPS, the world largest sneaker tour on planet !!!!
Peter Fahey, a native Australian, brought SNEAKER PIMPS to life in the year of 2003. They did their first gig in Sydney and received a stamped of approval by world’s sneaker and street art community soon afterward.

In every gig, the PIMPS always laced up sneakers, hip hop and street art by featuring cult street artists such as FUTURA, STASH, EWOK, SBTG, JOR 1 and even a live performance by PUBLIC ENEMY at their last NYC’s tour, along with their killer kicks collection. PIMPS also responsible for introducing us with Dave White, who based his splash style painting on our kicks’ ancestors.
SNEAKER PIMPS Jakarta is no different, it will host SBTG (world’s undefeated sneaker customizer from Singapore,) EWOK (NYC’s aerosol superstar,) and Brooklyn’s crawler FUTURA (aaaaa….. do we need to explain him???? We’ll need a whole book on him!) Also watch for Hellkarta’s own graffiti artists such as Darbotz, Kims, Ones, Morden, TOTER, TUTU and many more.
Prepared to be amazed with the live art installation by above major forces, the live skate’o’ rama and of course sneakers, sneakers, and many more sneakers we could hope for. So cancelled all your dates, forget the movies, get a babysitter or do whatever you need to check SNEAKER PIMPS Opening party on April 8th 2006. Make sure to protect your head, and arm your feet with the appropriate kicks, caused when it drops, this shit surely will explode…. You’ve been warned!