throwup time baby

a night out with randy new character


is it a toy ?

what the hell is that ??? just wait



The next event from 707! July 7th-9th in the 2nd floor gallery at the Kemang Icon. 707 will be hosting an exhibition showcasing a history of toy collecting, from traditional wooden, through tin wind-ups, plastic action figures, Japanese robots and modern designer vinyl, we'll have it all on display! Alongside will be 50+ customized 'BOX-R' figures (the limited edition figure specially designed for the exhibition) by celebrities, designers, architects, musicians and more...

For more info check JUICE and AREA this month, and look for the four different flyers being distributed around Jakarta.

Also, don't forget to enter our competition! Look on the back of the flyer for entry details or click on the flyer image below. More details in separate blog entry! Make the box, customize it and submit your entry at any AKSARA bookstore or at 707 to get a chance to win one of many prizes, including 707 gift vouchers (up to 1.000.000 Rp.), limited edition Michael Lau, Kubrick and Maharishi tees, and more... The best entries will be displayed at the exhibition with judging on the final day.

To make the complete limited edition exhibition 'BOX-R' figure, buy the 'legs' at any AKSARA or at 707 for only 30.000 (or 2 for 50.000). Entry to the competition does not require purchase of 'legs'!

go to their website for more

* limited tshirt made by me


a couple of new drawing

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yeah im back

im back !

i love this secret spot